Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


1. What is SquareFoot™?

SquareFoot™ is a pre-formed plastic footing form that enables contractors and do-it-yourselfers to excavate, backfill and place concrete in one step.

2. Why use SquareFoot™ instead of a conventional lumber footing?

The old saying “Time is Money” is very true. When you use SquareFoot™ footing forms you can save up to two days of labor resulting in substantial savings. Additionally, you save money on materials. With SquareFoot™ you have everything you need. With the conventional method you need a shopping list of materials.

3. How many sizes/models of SquareFoot™ are there?

SquareFoot™ is offered in 3 models: the SF 22” fits all 8”/10” construction tubes; the SF 28” fits all 8”/10”/12” construction tubes; the SF 32” fits all 12”/14”/16”/18” construction tubes.

4. What are the benefits of using SquareFoot™?

SquareFoot™ provides significant cost savings in labor, time and materials versus framing in wood and SquareFoot™ installation is a simple, 3-step process. SquareFoot™ also creates a structurally stronger footing by increasing stability, increasing capacity, resisting uplift, accommodating rebar and allowing a continuous concrete pour. SquareFoot™ fits any 8” through 18” construction tube and protects the footing form from intrusion of water, increasing the quality of the footing. See the advantages.

5. Is there a warranty offered with SquareFoot™?

Yes. See Product Warranty.

6. What is SquareFoot™ used for?

SquareFoot™ footing forms can be used in many residential, commercial and industrial projects including: additions, barns, pole barns, basketball net poles, clothes lines, decks, fences, flag poles, gazebos, lights, boat moorings, porches, satellite dishes, storage sheds, signage, sun rooms, swing-sets, volleyball nets, bollards, bus stops, car ports, columns, house protection, supports, lamp posts, lolly columns, sculpture, boat houses, electrical towers, greenhouses, oil/gas pipelines, overhangs, ramps, stone wall supports, water towers and wharfs. See the applications.

7. Why is the SquareFoot™ form better than a round footing form?

SquareFoot™'s square design minimizes the potential of the form moving/lifting during pour, makes leveling for the pier and column easier than a concentric base and enables you to place footing flush against a square surface area/wall which does not leave pockets on either side of the space. Plus, square footings have a much greater bearing capacity than round footings.

8. Is SquareFoot™ safe for the environment?

Yes. All of our SquareFoot™ models are made of 100% recycled plastic and can be recycled.

9. How long has SquareFoot™ been available?

SquareFoot™,also known as Tubebase®, came to the market in 2001.


11. How do I install the SquareFoot™?

Installation of the SquareFoot™ is just 3 easy steps: 1. Cut off excess plastic to construction tube size at wedges. Saw tube to desired length. 2. Attach construction tube to SquareFoot™ with a minimum of four, one-inch (2.5cm) screws. 3. Place SquareFoot™ in excavated hole and backfill. Ensure that tube remains level(plumbed). See installation instructions.

12. How do I determine which size SquareFoot™ to use?

There are two factors that determine whether to use the SF 22, SF 28 or SF 32. These factors are the size and type of construction which determines the load of the footings will be able carry and the soil bearing capacity of your site. Consult the Building Code Inspector in your area for specifics on pier construction, See load tables.

13. How much concrete will I need with the SquareFoot™?

We provide an online calculator for you to determine the amount of concrete necessary for your specific project. See concrete calculator.

14. How do I know SquareFoot™ will fit with the construction tube I'm using?

SquareFoot™ fits any 8” through 18” construction tube with its unique wedge system.

15. Is SquareFoot™ code approved?

Yes, SquareFoot™ is ICC-ES Approved and meets or exceeds building codes throughout North America.

16. Is the use of rebar or steel reinforcement required with the SquareFoot™?

We recommend the use of rebar or steel reinforcement when you install any Square Foot footing model. Use of structural steel should be approved and designed by a qualified engineer.

17. I am thinking of adding a deck and sunroom to my home. How deep should my footing be?

The really quick and easy answer to your questions is to ask your local building inspector. You are going to need to contact them anyway to get your building permits. They will also be able to tell you what depth you need to dig your post hole and footing.

18. What is the easiest way for me to determine where the frost line is in my geographical area? How deep should I dig the holes below the frost line?

The really quick and easy answer to your questions is to ask your local building inspector. You are going to need to contact them anyway to get your building permits. They will also be able to tell you what depth you need to dig your post hole and footing. See frost depths map.

19. How long does it take to install SquareFoot™?

It takes anywhere from 1 to 3 hours to install SquareFoot™; footings. Compare that to the 3 day installation using the old method of installing concrete footings!

20. Where can I get Square Foot Guide/Product Specifications in CSI format along with CAD Drawings?

See CSI product specs.

Purchasing Information

22. Where can I buy SquareFoot™ footing forms?

SquareFoot™ is available at your local lumberyard, Home Depot or concrete supply store. Contact Us and we'll help you locate the store closest to you.

23. Why does SquareFoot™ cost so much less than the competition?

Our unique patented design allows for less plastic to be utilized due to the strength of our footing form design. There can be up to 30% - 50% unit cost savings.