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Our Story

SquareFoot™ footing forms were engineered and designed by Don Wells, President, Karen Wells, CFO, and Scott Ireland, Vice President of Sound Footings LLC. As owners of DEW Construction Corporation, one of Vermont's largest General Contractors, and SD Ireland, the largest Site work and Concrete Contractors in Vermont, they knew footings were important but also knew there had to be an easier way. (www.dewcorp.com & www.sdireland.com)

The original idea was developed in the late 70's. Don and his brothers, Peter, currently a Senior Superintendent at DEW Construction Corp. and Gordon, now a professional residential contractor, were building forms out of lumber and plywood when the brothers looked at each other and said, “There has to be an easier way! Why doesn't someone make a footing form out of plastic?” From there the Wells brothers embarked on a journey to bring this idea to fruition and secured the first patents on a plastic footing form in 1986 and 1988, establishing Sound Footings LLC as the inventor of the first plastic concrete footing forms in the industry in North America.

About Us

Sound Footings LLC is headquartered in Williston, Vermont. Our SquareFoot™ footing forms are manufactured in Leominster, MA, making Sound Footings LLC the only US owned and manufactured plastic footing form company in North America. Today, with construction practices under more scrutiny than ever, building codes are being readdressed across North America and worldwide. Many government agencies, state, provincial and local building code officials are requiring the use of footings. Sound Footings LLC has been evaluated and approved for use by the toughest code evaluation agency in the USA, and are holders to the ONLY PATENTED and CODE APPROVED SQUARE PLASTIC FOOTING FORMS in North America.

Sound Footing LLC is committed to creating and developing products that offer efficient solutions to everyday construction challenges and to providing the best footing forms and services in the marketplace.