Concrete Calculator

Concrete Usage Table

This table lists the amount of concrete needed (redi-mix or bags) for each SquareFoot™ footing form. The Calculator below is based on this usage table.

ModelRedi-Mix Concrete60 lb. bags80 lb. bags
SF 222.00 cubic feet43
SF 284.50 cubic feet97
SF 327.00 cubic feet1411

Note: Yields are approximate; do no under-order. Most concrete trucks carry between 7-9 Cubic Yards. 1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet. Concrete shall have a minimum of 3000psi 28 day compressive strength and consist of not more than 3/4 inch (1.91 cm) aggregate. Recommended slump of 5" (12.7 cm) to 6" (15.24 cm).

Concrete Calculator

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Concrete conversion: 60lbs (25 kg) = 0.50 ft3 (0.056m3), 80lbs (30 kg) = 0.66ft3 (0.018m3), 1 yard = 27 ft3 (0.76 m3).