Square Has Proven Advantages

Why is SQUARE FOOT® the best residential, commercial and industrial concrete footing form?


Square Foot has a larger footprint.
  • Larger square footprint provides greater bearing capacity - load is distributed over more surface area.
  • Produces greater strucutral integrity.
  • Reduces the size of tube needed, opposed to other footing forms which need a larger column to achieve our soil loading parameters.
  • Reduces swelling in expansive soil conditions (i.e. firm clay, silty clay, clayey silt, clayey sand).

 Greater Footing Edge Depth

Square Foot has a minimum edge thickness of 6 inches.
  • More resistant to frost and high velocity winds.
  • 6" base (min.) thickness reduces destructive lateral movement from frost and poor soil.
  • Producees a thicker footing - a thicker footing is a stronger footing.
  • Greatly reduces uplift caused by frost heaves in colder climates.

 Integral Rebar Bolster Holes & Four Parallel Sides

Square Foot has 4 parallel sides to easily facilitate rebar.
  • Four parallel sides easily facilitate standard rebar without custom fabrication.
  • Our vent holes facilitate hanging rebar for addition strength and code/specification compliance.
  • When used with rebar, SQUARE FOOT® provides the strongest footing possible - stronger than any other footing form or method.

 Patented Square Shape

  • Our exclusive patented square shape resists tipping. This is caused by point loading of soil substrate.
  • SQUARE FOOT® virtually eliminates differential settling due to tipping.
  • BUILDER'S CHALLENGE: Tip any round shaped column and notice the amount of bearing area that remains in contact with the soil substrate.
  • Empowers the contractor to utilize dimensional lumber to increase the footing depth if necessary.

 SQUARE FOOT® is easier to level and plumb.

  • Four structural points of contact with the ground make leveling easier.
  • Leveling a square is extremely easier than leveling a circle. Just build to the high side by elevating the low corners. (Remember to build on undisturbed earth or well compacted gravel)
  • Opposed to a precast column without a base, SQUARE FOOT®; will resist tilting during backfilling and compaction.

 Saves both time and money.

  • Enables excavation, backfill, and concrete pouring in one day.
  • Saves up to 90% of labor, material, and equipment.
  • Enables future expansion, such as conversion of a deck to a sunroom.

 Meets or exceeds all National Building Code requirements.

  • 2003 International Residential Code® (IRC), International Code Council
  • 2003 International Building Code® (IBC);
  • BOCA® National Building Code/1999 (BNBC);
  • 1999 Standard Building Code® (SBC), and
  • 1997 Uniform Building Code™ (UBC)

 Made in the USA

  • We employ U.S. plastic workers right here in New England!
  • Our product is manufactured in Massachusetts and headquartered in Vermont.
  • Our inventors, conceptual designers and owners are one of the largest General Contractors and the largest Concrete/Site work companies in Vermont.
100% Concrete Consolidation with Square Foot
SQUARE FOOT® is the only building code evaluated square plastic concrete footing form in North America.

When used with rebar, SQUARE FOOT® provides the strongest footing possible - stronger than any other footing form or method.